Why should you buy a salvage vehicle?

Why should you buy a salvage vehicle?

What is a salvage vehicle?
A salvage car is one that has been in an accident, stolen, weather-damaged or other event. Usually the damage is so significant that the cost of repairing it is more than the car is worth and therefore the insurance company will declare a total loss and write it off.

What are the benefits of buying a salvage vehicle?
The main benefit of buying a salvage vehicle is money-saving opportunities. You are able to buy a salvage car at the fraction of the price of a new one, you could make savings of up to 50% versus forecourt prices. Another benefit is the value for money you can get from a salvage vehicle, some insurance companies can declare a car as written off for minimal vehicle damage as the cost to repair it is far more than the car is worth, therefore, you could buy a fairly new car with minimal damage for the fraction of the price as a new one.

How can you buy a salvage vehicle?
As a business, we hold a weekly online auction where you can bid to buy a salvage car. In order to be a part of our online salvage auction you can sign up and register to bid here https://auctions.trents.co.uk/account/user-registration/registration-1/

When is Charles Trent Limited's online auction?
Our online salvage auction is held every week on Monday from 10 am. We have an extensive range of motor salvage for sale including cars, vans and bikes for almost any make or model.

How can you repair a salvage vehicle?
In order to repair your salvage vehicle at a lower cost, you can use quality used green parts instead of brand new manufactured ones. At Charles Trent, we have a huge variety of high-quality green parts with faster lead times than manufacturers, lower costs and all our parts come with a warranty for peace of mind. Buying a salvage vehicle is a no brainer, you will save money from the car purchase and repair it with green parts, and you are choosing a more environmentally friendly option.

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