Meet our New Electric Baler

Last month we welcomed our brand new electric baler - Le Fort 2P6000.

Top 5 reasons to scrap your car today!

If the cost of running or repairing your vehicle exceeds its value, or you need to get rid of your old damaged car that is no longer being used, then maybe it's time to cut your losses and scrap your vehicle. At Charles Trent Limited, we offer a simple, fast and professional scrap service that considers the environment in each stage of the process. We provide an instant online quote for any vehicle and will even pick your car up right from your door - easy as that!

How used green parts can save you money when repairing your car?

Green used auto parts are taking the UK by storm and are helping people and businesses to save money. Green parts are also known as recycled car parts and typically are official manufacturer (OEM) parts that have been removed from any vehicle during the recycling process. Here at Charles Trent Limited, our aim is to help you save money on your car by supplying quality used car parts online with fast delivery services to anywhere in the world.


The best way to save money before heading to your MOT test is to go through a series of simple checks to avoid excessive costs or a MOT failure. It is a great idea to go though these simple checks a couple of weeks before you are planned for a MOT to make sure you have time to resolve any issues and fix any problems with your vehicle. Go though our simple 10 point check list and let us help you save money before going for your yearly MOT.

Charles Trent 2020 Highlights

Have a look at what we got up to in 2020 as we share with you our 2020 highlights.

Tyre Size Explained - What Tyre Size Is My Car?

What tyre size do I need? Is a common question we get from our customers so we have decided to create this easy tyre size guide uk edition. Learn about tyre size and the meaning of it as well as using our simple tyre size diagram to learn how easy it is to be able to ready your tyre size.