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Charles Trent Wheel Alignment And Tracking

Wheel Alignment And Tracking

Is your steering pulling? Hit a curb or pothole? If so, our wheel alignment (tracking) service is here to help. Correct wheel alignment will not only improve your driving experience and overall road safety but will also save you money.  Research has shown that checking your car’s wheel alignment regularly will help increase fuel efficiency, fix steering issues and prolong the life of your tyres for up to 10,000 miles.

Wheel Alignment Service

Here at Charles Trent we use the Supertracker STR420RW 8 sensor four-wheel alignment system, which measures the angle and direction of your wheels. This system is extremely accurate (within 0.01mm) and impressively quick, enabling us to set-up and produce full alignment readings for you. If you’re looking for a wheel alignment service in Poole, Bournemouth and beyond give us a visit. There’s no need to book, just drive on in!

Wheel Alignment Costs

Our wheel alignment service using Supertracker costs £35 for the front wheels or £45 for both front and back.

Supertracker Wheel Alignment

Free Wheel Alignment Check

Give our Poole tyre bay a visit to take advantage of our free wheel alignment check. There’s no need to book, so simply pop by when it’s convenient for you. Our speedy Supertracker system will check your car’s wheel alignment. If we notice that your alignment is out (see alignment terminology below) we will show you on screen to give you a better idea of the issue. If required, we can get your wheels aligned and you can leave with peace of mind that your car is heading straight. If your wheel alignment is correct, we will produce a print-out for you to keep for your records. Remember, it is important to check your alignment frequently to help you get the most out of your tyres.


 Alignment Terminology

Positive Camber And Negative Camber

Camber is the angle of the wheels relative to the ground, when looking at the car from the front or rear. Positive camber refers to the outward tilt of a tyre – imagine the middle lines of the tyre being in a ‘V-shape’. Negative camber refers to the inward tilt of a tyre – imagine the middle lines of the tyre being in an ‘A-shape’. Camber will differ between vehicles and is determined by the vehicle manufacturer.

Toe In And Toe Out

Toe refers to whether the tyres are pointing inward (toe in), our outward (toe out) when looking at the car from the top or bottom. Toe in will resemble an ‘A-shape’ and toe out will resemble a ‘V-shape’.

Contact Our Wheel Alignment And Tracking Team

If you want additional information or need to make a wheel alignment enquiry simply complete the request form or pick up the phone and speak to our experts on 01202 712896 (8am-5pm Mon-Fri & 9am-4pm Sat). Alternatively, simply drive in and we will be happy to help. Whichever option is most convenient for you we can guarantee a 5 star service when you choose Charles Trent for wheel alignment & tracking.