Tyre Size Explained - What Tyre Size Is My Car?

Tyre Size Explained - What Tyre Size Is My Car?

What tyre size do I need? Is a common question we get from our customers so we have decided to create this easy tyre size guide uk edition. Learn about tyre size and the meaning of it as well as using our simple tyre size diagram to learn how easy it is to be able to ready your tyre size.


Tyre Size Explained - As easy as ABCD

Let us help you understand your tyre size meaning….

A - Tyre Width

This is the first three digits that you will find that are located on the sidewall of your vehicles tyre. This presents the width of the tyre you require.

B - Profile

The best way to describe the profile is the height of your tyre’s sidewall divided by its width and multiples by 100. This can be found next to the tyre width and is expressed as a number.

C - Rim Diameter

The rim diameter explains the size that a tyre can be mounted onto. This is shown in the diagram as part C.

D - Load Index and Speed Rating

Lastly, the speed rating is a letter that represents the maximum speed a tyre can travel on its load capacity.


How to measure tyre size?

- The simplest answer is read the sidewall of your current tyre fitted to your vehicle. This is shown in the example chart and can easy identify what tyre size you would need for your vehicle.

- Other alternative are to check the vehicles handbook or alternatively there is a sticker wither presented by the drivers door or inside your fuel cap.


We hope this has helped with understanding how to read tyre size and giving you more of an understand on what tyre size is for your vehicle. For part worn tyres, new tyres and tracking then get in touch with our experienced tyre team or for any other questions regarding what tyre size you require message us on our social pages.

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