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Plans Set To Revolutionise Vehicle Recycling In UK And Create New Jobs In Poole

Plans Set To Revolutionise Vehicle Recycling In UK And Create New Jobs In Poole
Vehicle Dismantling, Vehicle Recycling

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We have submitted a planning application to open the UK’s first reverse manufacturing centre for recycling motor vehicles. This £7.5 million project plans to revolutionise vehicle recycling in the UK.


Currently we recycle 95% of all vehicles we receive but with these plans it is hoped that this can be increased to 100%.


If given the go-ahead, we will open a new 12 metre-high building, covering an 8,500 sq m floor space, at the rear of our Newtown site and move all dismantling operations indoors.


The building will contain its own vehicle production line and storage for parts and will follow the same principles of motor manufacturing but in reverse.


It will be open 24 hours a day, enabling us to operate two shifts, increase the number of cars recycled and employ a further 50 to 60 staff to add our existing 130-strong workforce.


Marc Trent, managing director of Charles Trent, said: “We are incredibly excited about these plans, which would see us open the UK’s first purpose-built production centre for the recycling of vehicles. The new facility would be much more efficient, enabling a vehicle to be processed in approximately 10 minutes. It will bring the vast majority of our operations indoors, making our site cleaner and less noisy as we currently have a lot of outdoor dismantling. We will also be able to reduce forklift traffic movements by 25%. We are a fourth generation family-run company and in that time have made significant developments to keep improving and expanding our business. This building would take us to the next level and help put us, and Poole, at the forefront of the vehicle recycling industry in this country.”


In addition to employing more than 130 members of staff at our Poole site, we also have a further 53 employees at our Rugby site. We have an annual turnover of around £30 million.


Currently, we collect, store, process and re-sell 50,000 vehicles annually.


Our clients include some of the UK's largest insurance companies and we also exports car parts to more than 80 countries across the globe.


We are proposing to demolish our existing warehouses, many of which are in a poor state of repair, to bring all operations under one new building.


The dismantling of vehicles will take place inside the new building and will be partly automated, with machines and conveyor belts separating the parts for recycling.


Although operating 24 hours a day, there will be no deliveries taking place at night.


And as part of the plans it is being proposed to re-route day-time deliveries via Calluna Road and Manning’s Heath Road, to help relieve pressure on the main Ringwood Road.


If planning permission is given work will get under way shortly afterwards with the new building set to open in 2020.


View Project Plans

Our plans are available to view on the Borough of Poole’s planning portal at


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