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24 Jul 2019

New Long-Range Speed Cameras Are Coming: Everything You Need To Know

New Long-Range Speed Cameras Are Coming: Everything You Need To Know
Speed Cameras, Speeding

Long-range speed cameras are set to be introduced nationwide to catch motorists committing a range of driving offences whilst behind the wheel.

These new cameras are an advancement upon current speed camera technology and have an impressive range of over 1km, which has seen them dubbed the ‘Lone Ranger’. The Daily Express reports that they have already proven successful catching 1,200 speeding motorists and 32 other driving offences on the A417 and A419 in Gloucestershire.

It’s looking likely that the Department for Transport (DfT) will roll out this technology to improve the safety of road users and pedestrians, following a recent review into policing roads.

In addition to catching motorists exceeding speed limits these cameras can capture other motoring offences constituting dangerous driving including using a phone behind the wheel, drivers not wearing a seatbelt and tailgating. The cameras will also be able to identify vehicles fitted with illegal or fake number plates.

RAC road safety spokesperson Pete Williams sees this development as significant in helping the police work more efficiently as its workforce is reduced. The number of specialist road traffic officers has reduced by a third in the past decade. He said: “Although this new long-range camera could be used to enforce illegal mobile phone use or tailgating, it’s primary use will no doubt be to catch speeding drivers, if indeed it becomes more widely used by forces.

“Some drivers will inevitably end up being very surprised when a notice of intended prosecution letter arrives on their doormat when they felt they had managed to slow down enough after spotting a police car in the distance.”

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