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Introducing Our New SEDA Depollution Rigs

Introducing Our New SEDA Depollution Rigs
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Out with the old and in with the new! The depollution equipment at our Poole HQ site has been upgraded helping us to continue orchestrating industry leading vehicle processes.

Automotive parts and liquids from end of life vehicles (ELVs) account for millions of tons of waste worldwide. It is now more important than ever that recycling centres - such as ourselves - dismantle and dispose of vehicles in a manner that has the environment at the forefront of the vehicle recycling process.

The SEDA equipment that we've had installed is pretty bold and in your face (similar to a Polo or Golf Harlekin) and plays an integral role in ensuring that we can recycle in excess of 95% of every vehicle. The SingleStation system (of which two have been installed) is the most advanced and efficient ELV drainage system currently available on the market boasting powerful suction cups and a tank drilling machine. Most important for us, this fully integrated system can handle the large volumes of vehicles that are processed on our HQ site daily.

Every vehicle that enters our site is drained of all fluids including: brake fluid, coolant, fuel, waste oil and washer fluid. Once this has been undertaken the vehicle proceeds onto the next stage of the recycling process which culminates with it being crushed into a cube.

If you are looking for a quote for your scrap car we pay the best prices around! Click here to get an instant price for your car or van. Simply enter your vehicle registration and post code and our system will generate a price for it.

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