How our business is trying to be more sustainable as an operational business

How our business is trying to be more sustainable as an operational business


Charles Trent Limited’s business model is based on offering sustainable products and services. This is why auto recycling and recycled green parts form Charles Trents circular economy outlook.


Charles Trent’s vehicle recycling process means we are able to recycle 96.2% of our vehicles. Examples of how we recycle end of life vehicles include; removing high quality parts from the vehicle to be resold and used to repair other vehicles, tyres are sold as part worn tyres or are recycled and used for playground and road surfaces. 99.5% of the metal that makes up 75% of the weight of end-of-life vehicles are recycled and reused for other products.

As a business we are continuously improving operations and processes through the investment of technology and infrastructure to improve this percentage.  


Some of the processes and operations we have already implemented as a business to be more sustainable include:

Solar Energy:

The use of a 376KWp & 10KWp solar panel system means that Charles Trent Limited can power its new 100,000 sq ft facility, electric Linde fork lift trucks as well as a 5,000 sq ft of its head office.


Electric baler:

We now use an electric Lefort vehicle crusher powered by renewable energy making the processing of vehicles more environmentally friendly.


Sustainable Packaging:

All of the packaging used to ship Charles Trent Limited’s green parts is 100% recyclable and made from recycled materials.

Our goal as a business is to continue to invest in our sustainable operations, make business decisions that positively impact the environment and drive sustainability throughout our entire business function.


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