Everything You Need To Know About Green Car Parts

Everything You Need To Know About Green Car Parts
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With increased pressure to go green, it’s more important than ever to look at more sustainable options in our daily lives. Simple green initiatives such as household recycling, reducing single use plastic consumption and being smarter with household energy expenditure will help reduce the imprint that you and your family leave on the environment.  However, widening the scope have you considered how green your car is? No, not fuel and emissions (although important), instead the 1000s parts that are helping your car run, getting you to and fro work and out and about to see your friends and family.

Here at Charles Trent we’ve been going green for over 90 years, providing sustainable solutions to drive down the costs of motoring and protect the environment at the same time. We are one of the UK’s largest Environment Agency licensed and approved Authorised Treatment Facilities (commonly known as an ATF), handling over 50,000 vehicles annually. Our industry-leading experience and innovative processes ensure that we can recycle over 95% of every vehicle that we dismantle, opening up significant cost savings for motorists in need of a quality recycled car parts solution.

Why Go Green For Car Parts?

The benefits of using green parts, also known as “recycled”, “reclaimed” or simply “used” parts over new are clear:


Green Part


New Part

Low cost - significant savings versus RRP


In stock ready for fast delivery

Backordered with slow delivery

Genuine OEM part guaranteeing easy fitment

Aftermarket parts are typically harder to fit

Environmentally friendly option

Not environmentally friendly

Quality, Low Cost Parts Solution

The most obvious and attractive benefit of buying a green car part is the significant cost savings versus buying the replacement part you need new. With car parts more technologically advanced and intricate than ever before going green will help you keep more of your hard-earned money as prices of new parts become increasingly expensive.

Moreover, choosing a green part doesn’t mean you compromise on quality. Every green part we sell is subjected to rigorous testing and comes complete with a warranty for all important peace of mind.

Scaremongering tactics are often employed by new parts suppliers who clearly have a vested interest in swaying potential customers away from green car parts suppliers. In addition, ‘cowboy traders’ and ‘driveway dismantlers’ do little to promote the betterment of our industry.

We hold ourselves to the highest quality standards and are members of the Vehicle Recyclers Association (VRA), which promotes the use of green parts in the UK repair industry and encourages the adoption of the Automotive Recyclers Association of America (ARA) part quality standards.

In-Stock Parts Ready For Fast Delivery

Here at Charles Trent we stock an extensive range of green car parts for almost any make or model, which are stored in our state-of-the-art warehousing. There’s no waiting around for days on end for your parts to arrive when you choose us. We offer next working day delivery to UK Mainland addresses and fast delivery worldwide. Unlike new parts suppliers who take your money and then keep you waiting for the part you need to come back into stock before it can be delivered our green parts are ready to go when you need them. Wave goodbye to additional days of seeing your car up on the ramp in a garage awaiting parts at your expense.

Genuine OEM Parts

All car parts we sell are genuine original equipment manufacturer (OEM). Unlike aftermarket parts, opting for OEM parts guarantees easy fitment, which is especially problematic with aftermarket panel work such as bumpers, bonnets, doors and tailgates.

Environmentally Friendly Option

Buying a green car part not only negates the need for a new car part to be manufactured, but also prevents a perfectly good part from prematurely going to landfill. Do your bit to protect our environment today.

Charles Trent Green Car Parts

Why buy new recycled will do? Be smart, savvy and sustainable by choosing a Charles Trent green part. Visit our online car parts store now and start saving today! You can also reach our dedicated green parts sales team by calling 01202 724447 or by emailing us at sales@ctrent.co.uk.

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