Charles Trent has been at the forefront of increasing the level of professionalism and environmental performance in the dismantling industry over the last 30 years.

At Charles Trent we aim to reduce pollution and waste associated with vehicles and ensure that End of Life vehicles (ELV) are disposed of legally and responsibly, in accordance with European Union legislation. To download a copy of the EU Directive click here.This law covers the responsibility for everybody involved in the manufacture, use and disposal of motor vehicles - including the manufacturer, the recycler and the owner!

Charles Trent guarantees that it can recycle 95% of each car, compared to the industry norm of 75-80%. This figure greatly exceeds what is required of us and is a testament to our environmental values.

Environmental Policy Statement

Charles Trent is mindful of the complex environmental and cultural issues that impact modern industry and wider society such as finite natural resources, climate change, waste generation and local amenity and will constantly strive to achieve higher standards in all aspects of its business.

Read our Corporate Social Responsibility information.