Chocolate Ferrari Car | See it to believe it!

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This week (13th – 19th October) brings chocolate lovers across the UK together to celebrate #chocolateweek. Just like anyone else we’re obsessed with the stuff. In light of this we’ve seen something amazing that combines two of our biggest loves – chocolate and cars – in what seems to be a match made in heaven!

Chocolate Ferrari in process

A full-size Ferrari F1 car was made for a party organised by the Scuderia Ferrari Club Napoli back in 2008. It was constructed using 2,000 kilos of chocolate to form an accurate representation of that season’s F2008 car.

The car was coated in a sweet Ferrari red top layer and almost all of the car can be eaten including the wheels, tyres, body, seat and even some smaller accessories.

Chocolate Ferrari

Sorry if we’ve made you hungry now…