Wait, is that the new BMW i8? You know it is!

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We were lucky enough to have the newly-released BMW i8 hybrid make a visit to Trent House HQ allowing us to get a first-hand look at the future of hybrid technology. We’ve seen a massive upturn in the interest in hybrid and electric vehicles recently and the i8 only helps this interest to grow.

BMW i8 side view - doors up

i8 performance

It is very eerie to hear a supercar make such little noise upon startup and tick over. However, when it switches into petrol mode it sounds much meatier! It is powered by a BMW TwinPower Turbo 1.5-litre, three-cylinder petrol engine. This brings great performance balanced with the eco benefits of utilising a hybrid engine. The i8′s electric cell recharges when switched to petrol mode meaning that if you are savvy you can avoid using charging points. However, for those that wish to use this primarily for using electric power you can get your own in-home charging point.

BMW eDrive technology is the result of many years in the lab for the EfficientDynamics team and allows the i8 to be always geared toward maximum performance whilst handling minimum consumption.

Who could imagine that a BMW as beautiful as this could deliver 134.5 mpg, CO2 emissions of 49g/km whilst utilising a 231hp engine!

BMW i8 - front

BMW i8 - back

BMW i8 leaving HQ

Check out the video of it leaving our HQ. Notice how quiet it is…

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