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UK Set To Adopt Vehicle Speed Limiters By 2022 Under New EU Law

Intelligent Speed Assistance (ISA), Road Safety, Speed Limiter
Anti-speeding technology is set to be fitted on all new cars from May 2022. Is this news the greatest advancement in road safety since the introduction of the seat belt, or an invasion of our freedom when behind the wheel?

7-Step Spring Car Care Checklist

Car Maintenance, Car Spring Clean
Spring is here! Use our handy car care checklist to help you get your car ready for the new season and the warmer weather it brings.

Drivers Playing Loud Music Or Revving Engines To Face £100 Fine

Anti-Social Driving, Police, PSPO, Public Space Protection Order
Under new laws drivers could face a £100 fine if they play loud music or rev their engines.

Here's How To Make Car Pancakes

Pancake Day, Shrove Tuesday
Learn how to make car pancakes and impress your friends and family this Pancake Day.

Record Numbers Of Cars Expected To Fail Their MOT In March

MOT, MOT Failure, MOT Test, MOT Tips
According to new research, a record number of vehicles are expected to fail their MOT this month – frustratingly, more than half will be for easily-avoidable reasons.

Banned: The Naughty 19 Plate Registrations The DVLA Won’t Let You Have

2019 Plate, DVLA, Vehicle Registration
Here’s the naughty 19 plate registrations, including AB19 BUT that the DVLA won’t let you have