Why Do Drivers Put Fake Badges On Cars?

Why Do Drivers Put Fake Badges On Cars?
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Why Do Drivers Put Fake Badges On Cars?

It’s time to get something off our chests. Every time we spot a BMW 320D adorned with “M” badges, or better yet masquerading as an M3, we cringe a little inside. This trend isn’t limited to BMW owners with a whole host of other makes and models being badged in a sacrilegious manner. Yes, BMW owners tend to be the worst offenders, but we’ve also seen some terrible misuses of AMG, GT-R, ST, Type R and VXR badges too.

Why do people take the time, effort and most importantly use their hard-earned money to pretend to own something that they don’t? Perhaps, it’s in the hope that by slapping on an upgraded badge people will think they are cooler or gain them 10 HP – that isn’t the case!

Serious car enthusiasts are going to spot these fake badges from a mile away so who exactly are these people trying to impress? They’re not going to trick us with a body kit, custom exhaust or a boatload of bits from Wish either. What makes no sense is that non-petrolheads are unable to tell the difference between a correctly badged car and one that’s been faked. Moreover, these people couldn’t care!

You may want a higher-spec model that’s got improved performance or a beefier engine and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. We always want something newer, faster, louder and more powerful! Be proud of the car you have, whatever its spec and you’ll get the respect of fellow petrolheads. There’s little to no gain in showing off a fake badged car and these people will feel a fool as the authentic model pulls up next to them at the traffic lights.

The only time applying fake badges works is when making your car full sleeper spec or if you’ve gone all out trolling the likes of us with a Renault Twingo Turbo GT-R.

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