What Is A Car Infotainment System?

What Is A Car Infotainment System?
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Gone are the days of your dash containing a simple tape deck or CD player and some buttons. With the influx of technology installed in modern vehicles infotainment systems have now become the norm. The word itself is derived from ‘information’ and ‘entertainment’, which accurately describes the purpose of these systems.

The amount of information available at the touch of a button is quite simply astounding. Information such as fuel consumption, average speed and exterior temperature is commonplace across almost all modern vehicles equipped with an infotainment system. Higher specification vehicles also have more technical functionality providing the ability to electronically control your ride setup (including steering, suspension and throttle reactivity) by toggling modes. Furthermore, high-end performance vehicles also provide technical G-force performance, braking and acceleration information.

From an entertainment standpoint an infotainment system has a wealth of technology at your disposal including DAB Radio, Bluetooth and smartphone connectivity, as well as on-demand music streaming services such as Apple Music and Spotify.

In addition to audio technology infotainment systems also include video play, TV and internet connectivity, enabling you to browse the web on the go (whilst not driving obviously).  

Infotainment screens also present a significant step-up from traditional satellite navigation systems with on the go traffic updates, immersive maps and a more polished experience helping you get from A-B more easily, whilst avoiding traffic jams and roadworks.

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