Top 5 reasons to scrap your car today!

Top 5 reasons to scrap your car today!

So, If you are still undecided whether to part with your car and have it scrapped with us, don't worry we have our top 5 reasons you should consider scrapping your vehicle. 

1. You no longer need your car.

If you live in a busy city or area with excellent transport links, then maybe driving around all day and the expense of running your vehicle is too much hassle than it's worth. Therefore, scrapping your car could be an excellent option for you.

2. Cost of repairing the vehicle

Has your vehicle been in an accident or failed its MOT? Sometimes the cost of repairing or getting replacement parts can be higher than the car is worth. Scrapping your vehicle is a good way to get some money in exchange and put it towards your next vehicle. At Charles Trent, we will always give you a price for your scrap car before you commit to anything to help you make your decision.

3. Quick, easy and convenient sale

Maybe you require some quick cash or are simply moving away, so you need a fast way to get rid of your vehicle, then scrapping your car is a great option. At Charles Trent, our scrapping service is so easy. Enter your registration number into our website, and you will receive an instant quote. We also offer a collection service, so this can all be organised from the comfort of your home.

4. The vehicle is no longer safe to drive.

At some point, your vehicle may reach the point where it is no longer safe to drive and is more of a liability to you. Continuing to drive your car in this condition could put you and other road users at risk and increase the cost to run it, especially if it is an older model. This is when you would decide it's time to scrap your vehicle whilst still getting some money back for it.

5. High running costs

Is your vehicle very fuel-inefficient or constantly breaking down? It may be time to recycle your car and invest in a newer, more efficient model. This will benefit your wallet as well as helping the environment.

Hopefully, we have now helped you make your decision on whether or not to scrap your vehicle.

With over 90 years of industry-leading experience, we are experts in vehicle recycling, so if you choose us to scrap your vehicle, you will have confidence that you are in good hands. Get a free instant online quote today here:

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