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The UK set to ban the sale of diesel and petrol vehicles from 2040, but is it really going to go ahead?

The UK set to ban the sale of diesel and petrol vehicles from 2040, but is it really going to go ahead?
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Now you probably have all heard the news that the government have proposed a complete fuel ban by 2040 which means we only have 23 years to buy new diesel and petrol vehicles the question is, is it really going to happen?

The move was introduced as some 40,000 deaths a year allegedly down to fuel pollution and the ban will reduce the amount of highly polluting cars on Britain’s roads. But experts have warned the plans may not be at all feasible due to the immense strain the influx of electric cars will have on the national grid. AA motoring experts have warned the National Grid will be under huge pressure to “cope with a mass switch-on after the evening rush hour”.

This is not the only reason why this huge change may not work, since electric cars are currently more expensive and less practical than their petrol and diesel counterparts. Car manufacturers seem to be preparing for this ban with even Lamborghini last week revealing a concept for a eco-friendly electric super car with the vehicle’s carbon fiber body actually stores energy – and it’s able to heal itself. It is predicted that the number of electric cars in the UK could hit around nine million by 2030.

With so many pitfalls there is a lot of speculation of it actually going ahead, but only time will tell! 

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