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Women Drivers Are Better And Safer Than Men, Study Finds

Women Drivers Are Better And Safer Than Men, Study Finds
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According to new research women have been found to be better behind the wheel than men, although the fairer sex are more likely to fail their test first time.

Research undertaken by found that when it comes to breaking the law behind the wheel male drivers outnumbered their female counterparts almost four to one. Less than one per cent of women were convicted of careless driving compared to two per cent for men.

Drink driving offences were far more common in men (5%) than women (1%).

Of 600,000 total motoring offences committed in England and Wales in 2018, a significant majority (79%) were committed by male drivers.

When it comes to the most common motoring offences, research shows that men dominated.

Of 1.4 million insurance claims made in 2018, men were twice as likely to make an insurance claim.

The study also found men to be ‘at fault’ more often than women when it comes to making a claim.

Women have historically paid less for car insurance premiums than men, because they are seen to be statistically safer drivers.

Is it time that the stereotype of women drivers is put to an end? Do you want to see more research before you can make an informed decision as to whether women or men make the better drivers? Let us know on our Facebook Page.

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