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Record Numbers Of Cars Expected To Fail Their MOT In March

Record Numbers Of Cars Expected To Fail Their MOT In March
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According to new research, a record number of vehicles are expected to fail their MOT this month – frustratingly, more than half will be for easily-avoidable reasons.

With 19 plate registrations hitting UK roads for the first time March marks the busiest month of the year for new car sales, accounting for an estimated 20% of annual registrations.

In March 2016 new registration sales performance was exceptional, with an enormous 609,000 vehicles sold. Three years on, these vehicles are about to have their first MOT.

There is now a record 39 million vehicles on UK roads meaning more MOT tests than ever before are taking place up and down the country.

Continental Tyres has undertaken extensive research over three years involving a staggering 90 million MOT reports. This study marks the first time a company has analysed previously unpublished government data to reveal the scale of avoidable risk and cost. Its findings have revealed that 57% of MOT failures are for easily avoidable reasons such as faulty bulbs (30%), worn brakes (17%) and tyre tread depth below the legal limit of 1.6mm (10%).     

Simple checks can be the difference between whether your car passes or fails its MOT. Click here to read our guide on common MOT failures and our top tips to help your car pass its MOT with flying colours.

Failing to check your car before its MOT creates the hassle of a MOT re-test. In addition, you likely won’t be getting the parts you need to get your car back on the road at the best price. Many motorists will simply opt for the parts offered by the MOT tester, as opposed to shopping around for the best deal.

Tyres are one of the most common avoidable MOT failures according to Continental’s research. A total of 7 million vehicles failed MOTs over the past three years due to tyres as part of the compulsory safety check. In total, this is estimated to have left drivers up to £30 million out of pocket.

Mark Griffiths, safety spokesman at Continental Tyres said: “It is crucial that motorists understand the seriousness of driving with worn brakes or tyres given the impact it has on the safety of everyone on the road.”

Many garages will offer free vehicle checks to give you peace of mind that your car is safe, legal and in its best position to pass an upcoming MOT.

If you are located near our site in Poole, Dorset simply drive in and take advantage of our free tyre check and winter car check. Our experts will be able to help from there. We stock an extensive range of quality low cost new and part worn tyres to suit any budget with fast fitting. Get peace of mind that your tyres are legal, safe and MOT ready.

We are one of the UK’s largest and leading suppliers of quality low cost used car parts for almost any make or model. If you need a part to get your car running right or looking its best click here to visit our online store. We have more than 35,000 parts available with fast delivery options and a free warranty provided with every part sold.

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