No Cash Payments For Salvage Vehicles

No Cash Payments For Salvage Vehicles
Motor Salvage

We are making some important changes to how we accept payment for salvage vehicle at our sites. Please read the information provided below and how it impacts you.

No cash payments for salvage vehicles at our site

From Saturday 1st February 2020 we will no longer be accepting cash payments at our sites for salvage vehicles.

You will still be able to pay cash into a Charles Trent bank account for any vehicle(s) won at our auction and we will continue to accept payments for salvage vehicles via debit cards at our sites.

Small cash payments can be made for storage fees, but please contact our team ahead of collection to confirm that you are intending to pay via this method.

If you have any questions regarding any of this information our salvage auction support team can be contacted direct on 01202 744194 (ext. 403), or by emailing

Please note, car parts purchased with cash aren’t affected, unless over the legal threshold.

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