New Petrol And Diesel Car Sales Banned From 2035

New Petrol And Diesel Car Sales Banned From 2035
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In an announcement expected later today, Boris Johnson will bring forward the UK’s plan to ban the sale of new petrol and diesel cars from 2040 to 2035, and perhaps even sooner if a quicker transition is feasible. This ban is also expected to include hybrid vehicles.

Once the ban comes into effect motorists will only be able to purchase new vehicles that are electric, or hydrogen powered.

The UK government has come under criticism for not acting fast enough to tackle the ban of non-zero emissions vehicles to help reach its target of virtually zero carbon emissions by 2050. Climate experts warned the previous date of 2040 would still leave non zero-emission vehicles on UK roads past 2050.

The updated plans, originally proposed in 2017, are to be announced later today by the Prime Minister at the launch event of the COP26 climate summit taking place at London’s Science Museum.

There is however clear concern for the feasibility of this plan, especially with the new date in place. AA President Edmund King said: “Drivers support measures to clean up air quality and reduce CO2 emissions but these stretched targets are incredibly challenging.”

Mike Hawes, chief executive of the society of motor manufacturers and traders (SMMT) urged the government to ensure its plans safeguarded the motor industry and jobs, whilst making sure the sale of new low emission vehicles was not undermined. He said: “With current demand for this still expensive technology still just a fraction of sales, it’s clear that accelerating an already very challenging ambition will take more than industry investment.”

We clearly support any actions to combat climate change and reduce air pollution, but our concerns echo that of the AA president. Our entire electric infrastructure in its current state is incapable of coping with the demands of generating enough energy to power almost 40 million EV and hydrogen vehicles registered in the UK. Without significant change this target in highly unlikely to be achieved. Let us know your thoughts on this latest development on our Facebook page.


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