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Man Who Failed His Theory Test 27 Times Paid Impersonator To Pass For Him

Man Who Failed His Theory Test 27 Times Paid Impersonator To Pass For Him
Driving Test, Theory Driving Test

We have two things to take away from this:

1)     How bad do you have to be to fail your theory that many times?

2)     That’s some serious dedication to keep going!

Taking desperation to a whole new level 31-year-old Gloucester resident Sujon Miah paid an impersonator £500 to sit the theory test for him, according to Unilad.

Twenty-eighth time’s a charm right? Well, not quite! The impersonator arouse suspicion with staff at the theory test centre when they noticed Miah’s licence picture didn’t match the person Miah had paid to sit the test.

Staff challenged the impersonator and Miah’s cunning plan had been foiled.

If you had failed to pass your theory test twenty-seven times and your latest attempt involved a poor doppelganger chances are you would give up. Well, not Miah. His next plot was to do THE EXACT SAME THING AGAIN.

It worked! He sent a second impersonator to take the test and this time it proved successful. Miah could now finally take the next step in his lengthy quest to turn his green licence pink.

The success however was short-lived as the pass was later revoked when the truth came to light. Miah was sent to court and admitted paying £500 for somebody else to take his test.

Miah pleaded guilty of two counts of making or supplying articles for use in fraud for a driving theory test by supplying his provisional licence to an impersonator to carry out a test on his behalf.

He was given a 14-month suspended sentence and a 200-hour unpaid work order. He was also made to pay £400 court costs and a victim surcharge.

If Miah ever does pass his theory watch out! However, if it takes him anywhere near as long to pass his practical as his theory we’ll be safe for a fair while.


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