How to save money on your vehicle repairs today!

How to save money on your vehicle repairs today!

Car repair is one of life’s necessary evils. If your vehicle has been damaged, you have come across an unexpected fault or if you are having to deal with car maintenance all of these are costly. If you are looking for an environmentally friendly and cost-effective way to repair your car then why not consider using recycled OEM used car parts. Order online today:

Green parts, also known as ‘recycled parts‘ or ‘used parts‘ are official manufacturer (OEM) parts that have been removed from a vehicle during the dismantling and recycling process. Recycled parts are a great alternative way to help you save money when fixing your car. If you are looking for more information on green parts check out one of our articles here:

Charles Trent Limited has over 95 years of experience with selling quality car parts. We like to help customers save money on car repairs and get their vehicle back on the road for a fraction of the price of new car parts. Our aim is to supply money saving recycled car parts to the public as well as businesses like insurance companies, so that car repairs are no longer a scary and expensive process.

As a business, we have developed quality operations to remove a wide range of car parts for customers to purchase online and through our experienced sales team. All our used vehicle parts go through rigorous quality control measures to ensure our customers get the best parts possible. We understand that time is very important so we offer fast delivery times and exceptional worldwide delivery services so that you can get recycled car parts right to your door.

The reason why our second-hand car parts will help you save money is that they are recycled. All our parts are hand removed from cars that are going to be recycled. Our customers don't obtain the manufacturing costs and production costs that are associated with new manufactured vehicle parts.

The benefit of using green car parts is that you still receive the same quality vehicle parts but are helping to save the planet because they are recycled. Currently, lead time on new vehicle parts is lengthy so green parts offer short lead times for our customers and business so that getting your car back on the road was never easier.


Don't believe us when we say you can save money using recycled car parts? Take a look at this example here:

Say your engine has blown up in your 2013 1.2 Petrol Golf so you need to replace it.

Buying a new bare engine from a genuine main dealer would cost you £4735.

If you were to buy a green complete engine from Charles Trent Limited this would cost you £1140.

By choosing a recycled car part you would save yourself £3595. Not only has this engine got a 6-month warranty but it has also saved you up to 70% when replacing your engine.

Impressive right! Being environmentally friendly with your car repair options can also save you a lot of money!


The cost of parts and labour all add up. By opting for cheaper alternatives that save money on the part costs, your overall vehicle repair bill will decrease. Why not ask your garage the option to use green parts to lower your vehicle repairs.

Not only do all Charles Trent Limited used car parts offer you money-saving benefits we also want to know you have peace of mind with our warranty guarantee on all parts sold by Charles Trent Limited. All our engines and gearboxes come with a 6-month warranty and all other parts including panels come with a 12-month warranty. Our extensive range of parts from engines, panels, gearboxes, interiors, body parts and electrical parts are all available for worldwide delivery.


Reasons, why people decide to choose used car parts when repairing their cars, include:

  • Wider availability

  • Cost-saving factors

  • Low carbon emissions due to it being recycled

  • Environmentally friendly

  • Same quality but a fraction of the price


So next time you are looking for car parts for sale, consider using green parts as your method of repair.

If you are looking for fast delivery on cheap car parts why not check out our website for our online car parts here: If you would prefer to get in touch with our dedicated vehicle parts team for advice on stock and availability contact our team on 01202 724444 to start saving on your car repairs today!





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