How to save money on common vehicle faults.

How to save money on common vehicle faults.

We can all find ourselves in a position where our car has a fault. It is important never to ignore these car faults as they can grow into more significant issues that incur increased repair costs and affect your car's safety on the road.

Here are a few examples of some of the most common car problems you may encounter.

1. Electrical faults

A car can have many electrical problems, one of which is a dead or discharged battery. A flat battery can happen for many reasons but is often due to a fault in the car's electrical system. Lights left on overnight can lead to a flat battery but can be easily fixed by jump-starting the car. Alternatively, it may be that the battery is no longer able to hold a charge, so it will need to be replaced.

2. Brake faults

Issues with your breaks can be inevitable as they will naturally wear down with use. It is so important to keep on top of the maintenance of your brakes as they are essential to make sure you can stop safely. Suppose you notice any sign of your breaks grinding, making unusual noises or becoming less responsive. In that case, you should seek immediate help from a professional mechanic as the brake pads may need to be replaced.

3. Flat or worn tyres

Sometimes, flat tyres can be caused by general wear and tear, but most commonly, flat tyres are caused by a puncture. As a result, you may need to get your tyres replaced. Alternatively, your tyres may not be flat but instead unevenly worn. You may notice that your tyres are wearing faster than usual, you are getting vibrations through your steering wheel, or your fuel efficiency has decreased.

You can have several checks done on your vehicle to prevent this from happening. These include checking the inflation of the tyres as they may be over or under-inflated, the suspension may need re-aligning, or the wheels need balancing.

4. Gearbox failure

The purpose of a gearbox is to turn all of the power from your car's engine into the force needed for the wheels' traction. Like any car part, the gearbox is likely to undergo wear and tear, eventually leading to more severe vehicle faults. Changing gear can become increasingly difficult as a result of the gears wearing down over a long period of time. Eventually, the gearbox is likely to fail, resulting in extremely high repair costs.

Some signs to look out for that could mean you have gearbox issues are; whining noises when you change gear; this could result from a clutch issue. Slipping gears, slow responses from the acceleration after a gear change and a burning smell accompanied by gear changes. All of these signs may be able to be fixed before a new gearbox is needed.

5. Engine issues

A healthy engine is one that has the correct amount of air and fuel mixed together that is then burnt within the combustion chamber. Fuel and ignition systems have to work together in order for this process to work efficiently; if this is not the case, then this is when you will start to encounter engine issues such as a misfiring or sputtering engine. This can be prevented by maintaining and replacing the fuel and ignition systems. If these systems are neglected for a long period, it can result in the entire engine needing to be replaced.


How you choose to repair your car can have a significant effect on you financially but also on the environment. We want to explain to you how choosing green parts to repair your vehicle can save you money as well as be environmentally friendly.

Green parts, also known as quality used parts, are removed from vehicles during the dismantling and recycling stage. Choosing used car parts is a great alternative and cost-effective way to repair your car without obtaining the manufacturing and production costs that you would get from a brand new part. In addition to money-saving benefits, you still receive the same quality car parts but without the expense of the environment as all these parts are recycled.

At Charles Trent Limited, all our recycled parts are professionally hand removed and go through stringent quality control checks to ensure our customers receive the highest quality used parts. Choosing green parts over new car parts means you won't be waiting around for weeks for the new part to be available as we offer fast and free delivery on all our parts, allowing you to get your car repaired and back on the road as soon as possible. Our extensive range of parts from engines, panels, gearboxes, interiors, body parts and electrical parts are all available for worldwide delivery so whatever the car fault is we will be able to get the part you need to resolve it delivered to you.

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