Get Your Free Winter Car Check At Our Poole Site

Get Your Free Winter Car Check At Our Poole Site
Car Maintenance, Winter Health Check

Is your car winter ready? Take advantage of your free winter health check at our Poole site. There's no need to book or call ahead, simply drive in, pop into our tyre bay reception and redeem this offer.

We are open from 8am-4pm Monday to Friday and 9am-4pm Saturday. Find us here.


Our winter health check includes the following:

• Oil Level

• Coolant & Antifreeze Levels

• Tyres & Tyre Pressures

• Light Assessment

• Wiper Blade Condition

•  Battery Test


Oil Level

To avoid breaking down over winter it is important to check your oil levels as too little (or too much) can create problems for your engine. 


Coolant & Antfreeze Levels

Our winter check will ensure your car's cooling system is running at an optimal level. Engine-related breakdowns are often linked to your cooling system so it's important to have peace of mind that you're prepared for the brisk weather.

We will also check your antifreeze levels and top up if required. This is important to prevent your radiator from seizing up, as well as prevent split hoses and pipes, which cause leaks and reduce efficiency of your car's cooling system.


Tyres & Tyre Pressures

In winter roads become wet and icy and present a greater danger than at any other time of year. We will inspect your tyres and tyre pressures and ensure that they are safe to drive on. 


Light Assessment

Winter brings shorter days and more difficult drivng conditions. It's vital that both your front and rear lights are working correctly so that you can be seen clearly on the road. Driving with broken or defective lights is not only dangerous but also illegal.


Wiper Blade Condition

Our team will check that your blades are up to the task of tackiling winter weather, which brings sudden changes to driving conditions. At the same time we'll also check and top up (if required) your windscreen washer fluid.


Battery Test

We will check your battery is sufficiently charged, secured and in good working condition. Being stranded by the roadside is even less enjoyable in winter!



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