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Drivers Playing Loud Music Or Revving Engines To Face £100 Fine

Drivers Playing Loud Music Or Revving Engines To Face £100 Fine
Anti-Social Driving, Police, PSPO, Public Space Protection Order

Under new laws drivers playing loud music or revving their engines could face a fine of £100.

To crackdown on anti-social driving Bradford Council is set to introduce a Public Space Protection Order (PSPO). This order will give power to the police and council officers to act against those making excessive noise, swearing or making sexual suggestions.

It comes into force on 1st June and is a result of a 1,200 driver survey which found a 76% majority felt “unsafe” on streets due to poor driving.

It is hoped that this PSPO will help people feel safe, although many are arguing that this will unfairly target car enthusiasts.

Labour councillor Abdul Jabar said “"Without the PSPO, it is difficult for the council or the police to combat anti-social use of a vehicle which does not constitute a breach of a specific motoring law,". He also added "Any action we can take to improve this situation and increase community safety and improve the reputation of the district will be of benefit to residents, visitors and businesses."

We are all for changes to increase community safety, but we hope this doesn’t put an end to blasting some dance anthems heading home on a Friday evening, or some soppy power ballads after a particularly difficult Monday! The days of mindlessly revving your engine in a McDonalds car park may however be numbered…

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