Drivers Can Be Fined £5000 For Singing Too Loudly In Their Car

Drivers Can Be Fined £5000 For Singing Too Loudly In Their Car
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The next time your favourite 80s power ballad comes on the radio, think twice before belting it out. You can be fined up to £5,000 for ‘driving without due care and attention’ or ‘dangerous driving’ which includes playing loud music, and singing whilst behind the wheel.

If your ‘carelessness’ causes an accident you could be hit with a £5,000 fine AND nine penalty points on your licence.

Marc Tongue, director of vehicle hire firm Select Car Leasing said: "Listening to music in your car is one thing, but if you’re singing loudly, dancing in your seat and generally getting into the groove, then you’re at risk of being distracted from the job at hand - which is keeping your eyes on the road.

"If there’s evidence - either dashcam footage or testimony from a police officer - that you were dancing and singing prior to an accident, you could ultimately be prosecuted for dangerous driving or driving without due care and attention.

"And the penalties can be severe - up to a £5,000 fine and nine points on your licence in the most serious of circumstances.

"You've also got to consider the implications of having your music too loud.

"If you’re drowned in sound, you may not be able to hear emergency vehicles approaching or other drivers’ warning horns."

Emma Patterson, principal solicitor at motoring law specialist Patterson Law said: "Motorists could be prosecuted, depending on the impact their actions had on their control of their vehicle.

“If you were imitating dancing while driving, then you could be seen taking your hand off the wheel or gesturing. You have to be in proper control of your vehicle.

“If there was a catastrophic impact on the standard of your driving, such as a significant control loss or crash, then that would be considered dangerous driving.

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