Read our top tips for Tyre Safety and getting the best from your Tyres.

1. When should I check my Tyre Pressure?

- It is best to aim to check your tyre pressure every couple of weeks to ensure you are driving on the safest tyres possible.

2. How to check your Tyre Pressure?

- Only check your tyre pressure on cold tyres so this means a car that hasn’t been driven for at least a couple of hours.

- Use an accurate tyre pressure gauge.

- You vehicle handbook or sticker inside the driver door will provide information on correct pressure for your specific vehicle.

3. Why is tyre pressure important?

Under inflated tyres

- Quicker wear on tyres which means buying tyres more frequently.

- Higher fuel consumption

- More risk of blow outs and sudden tyre failure

Over inflated tyres

- Tyres will wear unevenly with the middle of the thread wearing more.

- Can cause a very uncomfortable ride

4. What is good tyre tread depth?

- Tyre tread helps your car to grip to the road and ensure your vehicle is as safe as possible.

- Don’t let your tyres lead you to a fine when the tread depth is less than the minimum requirement of 1.6mm.

- It is advised that when your vehicle reaches 3mm of tread to change your tyres to ensure maximise breaking performance is maintained.

5. Understanding tyre damage and wheel alignment.

- Potholes, objects in the road or hitting the curb can cause tyre damage like cuts and bulges on your tyres

- Look our for bulges when checking your tyres as this will require immediate action to get your tyres checked and replaced

- Are you noticing the wear on your tyres is uneven? Then think about getting a wheel alignment which will boost fuel efficiency and the lifespan of your tyres

If you have any questions regarding your tyre safety then give us a message on our social platforms or leave a comment on this post and our trained Tyre and Service Centre will be more then happy to help you out with your enquiry.

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