Charles Trent F1 Challenge with Hot Radio

Charles Trent F1 Challenge with Hot Radio

On Friday 15th July 2022, Hot Radio visited Charles Trent Limited in Poole to participate in a fun Friday challenge. The challenge was to remove four tyres from a vehicle in the quickest time. The whole team got involved and supported the groups involved. 


First up, we had Hot Radio vs Hot Gold Radio. The competitive spirit was in the air, and the determination of both teams could be seen. It was a close call, with both teams speeding around the car as they removed the tyres from the vehicles. Hot Radio was steaming ahead but, at the last minute, failed to place the tyres on the final palette. Hot Gold Radio set his tyres down, stealing the win from Hot Radio.


Round two witnessed the battle of the Trents. Jordan Trent (fifth generation) and Emilie Trent (fifth generation) took on the challenge with assistance on each of their team from Liam and James. The challenge started, and it was a close battle, with Jordon stealing the win in the last 2 seconds.  


Finally, it was time to watch the pros at work. James and Liam are two members so the Charles Trent team with wide experience across many operational roles at Charles Trent Limited. The challenge started, and it was a close race throughout the entire challenge. Liam managed to storm ahead and completed the challenge in under 1 minute.  

It was great to have the whole team join in on our Friday Fun and witness the competitive spirit among the group. Thank you to Hot Radio for coming down and joining us for our F1 challenge. 


Check out some of the behind-the-scenes footage here:


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