Superman to the rescue | Man bends car door of burning vehicle to save driver

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What is your idea of a superhuman feat? For us it would be something along the lines of bending steel to save somebody. Bob Renning did just that on a Minnesota highway upon noticing a vehicle vehicle fire.


Superman Renner bent car door


Renning, 52, sprinted toward the vehicle as his partner dialled 911 and channelled his inner Superman as he rescued the victim trapped inside their vehicle. He bent a locked car door in order to reach the victim as their vehicle began to fill with smoke. The “extraordinary deed” as it was described prevented certain death for the victim who was unaware of his rescuer’s attempts.


Superman door bend vehicle


Superman (Renning) was said to not know how he managed to open the door but the US National Guard has become a hero for the victim and his family as a result. What a hero!