Received a private parking fine? Millions found to be ‘charged illegally’

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Private Land Parking


The days of getting stung by private car parks may be over. The RAC Foundation has some pretty startling findings that found over £100 million of fines in private car parks were overcharged during 2013. In previous times it used to be unlawful clamping of vehicles that held owners to ransom but now overstay charges have become increasingly popular with private land owners.


These findings have enormous repercussions because in some cases fines accrued for overstaying in a car park on private land may not stand in a court of law. Current legislation supports fines that match genuine loss for the land owner. However, with fines in excess of £100 in some cases this legal balance hasn’t been met successfully.


If you have received a private parking fine it may be possible to obtain a refund. Unclear terms of parking displayed on signs as well as early payment discounts could lead to a pay out because of a lack of clarity and unfair price escalation respectively.


The light may be at the end off the tunnel but is must be considered how incredibly difficult and time-consuming regulating private parking can be. For the mean-time stick to alternative parking options.


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