Driver crashes £1 million Pagani Zonda (and he’s not even the owner)

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We don’t envy this poor motorist after he crashed a Pagani Zonda CJ (top speed 214mph) in an industrial estate in London. As if crashing a £1 million supercar isn’t bad enough it has emerged that he isn’t even the vehicle’s owner. Talk about landing in an awkward situation!

Pagani Zonda Crash

After driving around a London industrial estate the unnamed driver lost control of the one-of-a-kind vehicle sending it crashing into metal fencing causing considerable damage to the body and panelling.


Earlier in the day the Zonda was seen driving around  with trade plates and it is believed that the owner of the car wasn’t present when it later crashed.


The Zonda boasts an enormous 7.3 litre V12 engine putting out 594bhp and can go from 0 to 60 in just shy of 3.5 seconds. With these impressive stats it’s little wonder that the driver had a tough time keeping it on the road. Thankfully, in-spite of the heavy damage nobody was hurt in the incident.


A well-dressed mixed race man in his 20s was allegedly the man behind the wheel according to an eyewitness. It was also reported that there was a sudden burst of speed from the Zonda before it crashed which is often a tell-tale sign of somebody underestimating the power of a car.

Pagani Zonda crash - back

Amazingly this isn’t the first time this specific supercar has been involved in an incident. In 2009 stories surfaced of the vehicle being involved in an incident involving an electricity pole. Who was at the wheel? “A world famous racing driver” who to this day remains anonymous.

Pagani Zonda crash - front

The 2009 incident led to the Zonda heading back to HQ in Italy at a cost of £261,000 to repair, making it the most expensive in insurance company Aviva’s history. At this point it is uncertain how much the Zonda will cost to repair once more.


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