Petrol prices are dropping. Is £1 a litre around the corner?

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£1 a litre! It’s coming. Well, that’s what industry experts are saying as crude oil supplies are in greater supply than they have been in recent times. Forecourts are set to sell fuel for the lowest price point since 2009.

Supermarket petrol

Supermarket competition is more ruthless than ever. In result, us road users are benefiting from Clubcard point fuel exchange schemes and other such incentives on offer to get you to choose their store over a rival. If you play your cards right (excuse the pun) you can get fuel for as little as £1.03 at present as fuel prices are at a four year low.


It’s been estimated that the drop in fuel prices has put £2 million a day back into the hands of UK motorists. There’s potential for fuel prices to fall even further in the near future as crude oil has dropped from $100 to $85 dollars a barrel in just the last three months alone.


There’s great hope for us motorists returning to the good old days when fuel wasn’t comparable to household bills so let’s keep our fingers crossed that this reported development comes true. We’re holding out for scrap metal prices to go up and crude oil to go down then it’ll be smiles all round from the #Trents team.


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