Here’s the new Batmobile

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Ben Affleck has picked up a lot of haters as he takes on the mantle from Christian Bale as the new Batman. Only time will tell if choosing Affleck will boost this blockbuster action series. We know however, due to a leak today that there is one aspect of the Batman movie franchise that’s a sure-fire winner!


The new Batmobile has been leaked and it’s an absolute beast! The car is set to debut in the upcoming Batman vs Superman movie. Zack Synder, the movie’s director shared the exclusive look on social media earlier today.




Who in their right mind is going to mess with Batman in this? Gun turrets, an ominous black colour scheme and the fact it’s the size of a house should help Gotham’s finest deliver pain to his next foe.


Question is after seeing this Batmobile where does it rank in a long and distinguished list of other Batmobiles in history? Perhaps you’re favourite was the classic from the Adam West TV show era. Maybe it’s the futuristic Batmobile from the Batman & Robin movie (in our opinion the worst ever Batman movie). Get involved in the conversation on twitter by posting your views with the #trents.