£250,000 McLaren involved in heavy crash in Eaton Square London

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McLaren 650S Spider crash

This probably wasn’t the best weekend for this McLaren 650S Spider owner. The McLaren which boasts a 204mph top speed and can reach 0-60 in just over 3 seconds was involved in a collision on Saturday evening with a Saab 9-3 covertible at a set of traffic lights in the exclusive district of Eaton Square in Central London. This incident is just the latest involving a supercar and goes to show the damage that can be caused when a car built for peak performance collides with an everyday road vehicle.

McLaren 650S Spider crash Eaton Square

The collision occurred after the Monaco registered McLaren turned right at traffic lights and collided with the Swedish convertible causing parts of the supercar and the Saab to be spread across the road. From the pictures taken at the scenes it was clear that the McLaren suffered much greater damage than the Saab.

Saab McLaren 650S Spider crash Eaton Square

The McLaren was said to have been spun around as the result of the coming together. However, with speed limits of 30mph in the area it is unlikely that the vehicle was moving at that speed especially given the extent of the damage to the supercar.

Emergency services arrived quickly to the scene placing sand around the vehicles as engine oil had begun to leak onto the road surface.

McLaren 650S Spider crash emergency services

Thankfully nobody involved was seriously injured in-spite of heavy vehicular damage including the deployment of air bags in each vehicle.

Recovery services removed the vehicles from the road and now insurance companies will begin their lines of inquiry.



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