Lamborghini and Ferrari crash in China – Was Furious 7 to blame?

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Lamborghini Gallardo Crash China

What happens when a Lamborghini Gallardo and Ferrari 458 Speciale collide? Wonder no more as footage has emerged following a tunnel crash in Beijing this past Saturday. It’s not pretty!


The supercars – worth over £250,000 combined – were allegedly drag racing when the accident occurred. Both supercars were wrecked with the Ferrari receiving damage to the side and rear. The Gallardo received the most damage including a completely obliterated front end.


The crash took place at 10pm (local time), just two hours before the slew of midnight screenings of Furious 7 across China. Online commenters suspected that the two drivers – both unemployed – were rushing to one of these screenings when the tunnel incident occurred. After the crash both individuals involved were arrested for reckless driving.


Lamborghini Gallardo Front End Crash China


The cars were reportedly travelling in speeds upwards of 100mph before the crash with witnesses alleging that the Gallardo lost control whilst attempting to overtake the Ferrari.


Ferrari 458 Crash China


Furious 7 comes under intense media scrutiny and is being blamed for causing road incidents across the globe through glamorising speed and dangerous driving. As the movie heads towards breaking $1 billion in revenue are these incidents set to rise? Is the movie really to blame or is it a lack of common sense? If you can’t control a powerful supercar you shouldn’t really be behind the wheel of one…




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