Lamborghini Countach Abandoned in London

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We’re used to collecting vehicles that have been abandoned on public highways. More often than not these vehicles have been abandoned as they have little worth to the owner (read: destined for the scrap heap).

We are rubbing our eyes in disbelief as news circulated earlier today that a pristine Lamborghini Countach was left abandoned on Tower Bridge smack back in the middle of rush hour.

Lambo Countach Abandoned

As you can imagine this story quickly gained national interest as it’s not everyday that you see a classic super car broken down on one of Britain’s most popular bridges.

Lambo Countach Abandoned 2

Keen to track down the driver during a very busy commuting period the police were unable to contact the owner and it was then recovered. We wish it was us!

In our opinion the driver is quite easy to track down. Immaculate super car (check), questionable decision making (check). It can be only one man…

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