Ken Block’s 845bhp Ford Mustang beast unveiled for Gymkhana 7

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The King of Drift Ken Block is back and his weapon of choice is unlike anything you’ve ever seen before! As we eagerly await Gymkhana 7, the latest in Block’s showcase series of insane and mind-blowing driving abilities, we’ve been treated to a look at the car that will be drifted into near oblivion by Block and his Hoonigan Racing Team. If you aren’t aware of what Gymkhana is check out the video below and we can guarantee you’ll be hooked!


His car of choice is an unbelievable 845bhp, four-wheel drive 1965 Ford Mustang. Yes it is impossible to read that and not get excited! The Mustang is celebrating its 50th birthday this year so it’s the perfect nod to its history, performance pedigree and peaked interest in this iconic muscle car.


The car is the result of two years work in the lab by ASD Motorsports and RTR – both renowned auto tuners and the results are brilliant. Under the bonnet you’ll find a Roush Yates V8 (a casual 6.7 litres, as you do) capable of 845bhp and over 720lb ft of torque! As you can probably imagine the car has been specced to the max and even has (get this) custom ‘Ken Block’ tyres from Pirelli. You know you’re a boss when Pirelli are making custom compounds for you.



Lord knows what Block and his team have up their hands for the next Gymkhana but we can be guaranteed it’ll be something epic! If you’re looking to up the spec on your car and modify it without Mr Block’s budget give your nearest PickAPart site a visit. We’ve got up to 300 vehicles available at each of our sites nationwide covering all makes and models. All you need to do is bring your toolkit, grab the parts you need and pay a low fixed price for them at the desk. Simple!