Infiniti Support Our Paras Racing employ first injured Paratroopers

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The first stages of developing the newly-formed Infiniti Support Our Paras Racing team are coming into fruition. Hot off unveiling the updated livery for the Infiniti Q50s that will be competing in the Dunlop British Touring Car Championship in 2015 the team has announced the employment of its first two injured Paratroopers. Ex-colour Sergeant Darren Fuller and ex-Corporal John Price will join the team at their HQ in Leicestershire as the team embarks upon preparing for the upcoming season.

Infiniti Support Our Paras - Front view with Ex-Paras


Describing his new role Price said it’s “a dream come true. It’s made the future for me and my family secure doing a job I love”. When asked what being part of the team achieves Fuller responded “It gives you the drive to pick yourself back up and crack on and get the job done. I’m looking forward to 2015 and all the challenges the racing will bring us”.


Fuller can see great benefit in bringing the Support Our Paras charity to the Dunlop BTCC grid. “I hope what we are doing will send a great message to all the injured ex-Parachute Regiment soldiers… I’m hoping we will raise the profile of this charity to a level where there’s not one person from the Parachute Regiment who doesn’t know where to turn if they need any support, no matter how big or small their issue is”.


The team – created to raise funds for the Support Our Paras Charity – wants to get injured Paratroopers working and preparing the cars, eventually providing a driving position to an ex-Para. The two aforementioned ex-Paras will be joined by four further ex-Paras who have been put through their paces by team principal Derek Palmer Snr to ensure that they can adequately meet the demands of the upcoming campaign.

Infiniti Support Our Paras - Back

We are so proud to be on-board sponsoring Support Our Paras Racing especially given the efforts that they are putting in to raise awareness and funds for people injured protecting our country. We hope that when you tune into or head to watch this year’s championship you have a new favourite team!