What are green car parts? Everything you need to know

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Green Car Parts at Charles Trent


Green parts are creating quite a stir in the automotive industry as the demand for a more affordable and sustainable source of parts gathers pace.


What are green parts?

Green parts ,also known as ‘recycled parts‘ or ‘used parts‘ are official manufacturer (OEM) parts that have been removed from a vehicle during the dismantling and recycling process.


Why choose green parts over new parts?

Cost. We simply cannot afford to pay big sums for new parts direct from the manufacturer. Green parts are the answer as they can be up to 90% less than going direct to your vehicle manufacturer. Choosing recycled parts doesn’t leave you with a narrow choice, instead there are an abundance of parts available including Ford, Ferrari and just about everything in between.


Green parts quality testing and peace of mind

The main reservation that an individual has when choosing whether or not to opt for green parts is that of quality assurance. The Motor Vehicle Dismantlers’ Association (MVDA) has this week issued news that it will be adopting and promoting the ARA Parts Standards and BSI’s PAS777. The Automotive Recyclers Association of America (ARA) parts standard has helped green part use to become more widespread in the insurance repair industry in the US and it is looking to replicate this success over here in the UK.

If you purchase a green part it will undertake the same strenuous quality tests to ensure that the part is fit for user needs. Here at Charles Trent we inspect, analyse and subject each part to rigorous industry-leading tests to make sure the buyer is receiving a part that has been soundly tested for quality. Many green part distributors offer warranties on a number of parts to further enhance peace of mind for the buyer. It would be unfair to expect that a green part would not measure up to a new part as it does.


The future of green parts?

The future is most definitely green! We can see great potential for an uplift in demand for green parts and with lauded industry standards in place consumers from garages to everyday car owners will be able to buy with ever increasing confidence. As car manufacturers strategise towards producing ever more eco-minded vehicles it would be fair to assume that the buying public will switch from expensive, direct from manufacturer parts to affordable, recycled parts that help the wallet as well as the environment.


After all, why buy new when recycled will do?


Here’s a summary of why it’s good to ‘go green’ for parts:

  • Low cost alternative – you can save as much as 90% by choosing green parts over new
  • Quality – parts are subjected to stringent testing to ensure quality
  • Help the environment – purchase a green part and prevent unnecessary wastage/over-production of parts
  • Availability – Everyday vehicles, super cars, commercials. You name it we’ve got it!


If you’re interested in purchasing a green car part please contact us and our part experts will be more than happy to help. Alternatively, head over to our ebay store and check out the fantastic selection of parts currently available.

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