Statement Following Friday 17th June Fire Incident

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The following statement has been provided by Marc Trent, Charles Trent Limited Managing Director:

“Last Friday 17th June 2016 there was a fire at one of one of our compounds on the Ringwood road Poole Dorset. Fortunately no one was injured in the incident. The compound was separate from the main yard & 190 vehicles were destroyed & over 100 vehicles were saved due to the excellent work of the fire brigade.


The majority of the vehicles were being stored on behalf of multiple clients pending an insurance settlement albeit the majority had been classified as total losses already. Fire investigators have concluded the source of the fire was an electrical issue from a vehicle that had been recovered that afternoon.


Our company recovers over 30,000 vehicles annually and this was the first major incident recorded of this type. Whilst the main business is unaffected it will take several months before we will be able to operate from the compound. In addition to our current fire prevention plan our clients requires us to have a robust continuity plan in place in the event a fire or flood did occur. This plan was successfully executed the very next day & it was business as usual.


I would like to thank the public, regular customers and friends for their kind messages, concerns and calls. We have been completely overwhelmed by all the support. The incident has really put it into perspective that Charles Trent is not just a business it is 90 years of hard work and memories, Charles Trent is a huge part of our family and a familiar place for most in the Poole area.”