Ferrari unveil protoype for the future of F1

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Formula 1 has come under a lot of scrutiny recently regarding its competitive nature and how it looks to develop the sport in the future. Ferrari have released images of a radical, aggressive and futuristic F1 concept that could arrive on a grid as soon as 2016 or 2017, which looks to address the ongoing debate.


The “Ferrari F1 Concept” as it will be known has been purpose designed in an aggressive and futuristic manner to make the cars more appealing to F1 fans all whilst remaining within the technical rules. Fans are demanding more powerful engines and better looking cars whilst stakeholders have eco concerns that must be met. Meeting halfway and appeasing all will be vital for the longevity of F1.



There are numerous large-scale changes that are on the table for the upcoming season and the F1 ‘experience’ is something at the forefront of any decisions to be made. This concept design has definitely got people talking as it is certainly a design unlike anything else seen recently.


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