Truck’in ell! Driver Tows Car With Truck Wedged Into Boot

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Car Tow Truck

Well that’s one way to transport some vehicles! We’re used to multi-car transporters to get our vehicles from A to B but this chap has taken transportation to innovative new levels. It may be unsafe, stupid and potentially lethal but you have to applaud his commitment to the cause.


The driver was spotted by Gloucestershire Police officers as he hoisted the wheel-less truck front end into the boot of a grey hatchback and attached it with a single strap. The hatchback was then attached to the front car to begin this extraordinary journey. Once the driver had secured (poorly) the vehicles he set off and was immediately stopped by officers.

Car Tow Close Up

After shaming him by tweeting photographs he was reported for “dangerous condition” and having “no lights too” as the truck front end was covering them.


Ladies and gentlemen, we have our donut of the day!


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