Woman destroys cheating husband’s Audi R8

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Audi R8 Destroyed

With Valentine’s Day coming up this Saturday it’s safe to say there’s love in the air…or perhaps not in this case! A man has been caught cheating and instead of catching a slap or two, or receiving a fair whack to the nether regions this poor, poor Audi R8 has suffered the wife’s wrath.


As you can see from the pictures the £100,000 Audi R8 has been completely ruined with every panel, window and light smashed to pieces. The dash has been gauged, stabbed and scratched beyond repair leaving the interior looking as bad as the exterior. In all fairness, if you want a car trashed this woman is pretty good at it! The proverbial cherry on top are a certain ‘F word’ and “KISS MY ASS” carved into the supercar’s panel work.

Audi R8 Destroyed Interior

As the saying goes “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned”…


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