That’s not a puddle! | Silly Corsa

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The weather is taking a turn for the worse as we head into Autumn and Winter. It’s not unusual to see inclement weather conditions this time of year as the wind and rain lashes down on our roads.

Crazy weather seems to bring with it crazy drivers. The most recent example being a Vauxhall Corsa driver in Walton-on-Thames. He approached and headed bonnet first into a three foot pothole after mistaking it for a puddle!

Corsa Driver Pothole

What made it all the more painful for this poor chap was that this all took place during rush hour. Whilst he was able to escape the car he couldn’t however escape the stares of disbelief and passing laughter as the Corsa sat stuck for over an hour.

Fellow motorists were relentlessly beeping as a result of the mishap and the large traffic jam it had caused. Many were seen speedily overtaking as the driver stood outside his vehicle helpless.

What do you think of it all? Let us know by using the hashtag #Trents on Twitter. Perhaps you think the driver is to blame. Perhaps you think the council are at fault as the road fell apart. Either way let us know.