Scrap Scheme Documents Revealed

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Documents released highlighting all models scrapped during the 2009 Scrap Car Scheme. Warning: You may want to cry.

Scrapyard Claw


We saw  and processed lots (and lots) of highly sought-after vehicles as part of Alistair Darling’s 2009 Car Scrappage Scheme. The idea of the scheme was to reduce the number of vehicles with poor emissions on the road and provide a financial incentive of £2000 to count towards buying something better for the environment. The buying public opted to do so resulting in 392,227 vehicles meeting their maker at the claws of the crusher.


We recycle in excess of 95% of every vehicle we process and believe that the scrap scheme proved successful resulting in roads with more eco-focused vehicles inhabiting them. However, being car lovers we can’t help but shed a tear for the sheer volume of much-loved and cherished present and future classics that were scrapped.


MG Midgets, Jaguar XJSs, Porsche 944s and even Ford Capris and Lancia Deltas were cubed to make way for more Hyundai i10s; the most popular new car acquired through the scheme. We love the eco credentials of an i10 but it doesn’t have the same head-turning appeal as a Triumph Dolomite or a Morgan 4×4 Convertible.


Here’s the document with the full run-down of each of the 392,227 vehicles scrapped during the scheme.


As a heads up the admin team putting the document together may not exactly be of the petrol head persuasion. There’s many spelling errors and variations of vehicle makes but it’s definitely worth a look.


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