Top 10 | Car repair fails

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We’ve all attempted to do a bit of imaginative DIY at some point to rectify a simple problem with our car. However, some people decide to go that bit further and undertake serious issues with hair-brained, hilarious and not to mention potentially dangerous solutions!

Check out our top 10 car repair fails. They are in no particular order as each one is as bad as the next…

1. Bumper fail

Bumper failCable ties solve many problems in life. They are awesome bits of kit but they should never…ever be used to fix a bumper! Bumpers help protect a vehicle in collisions. Having one repaired and resembling Frankenstein isn’t really going to cut the mustard.

2. Speedo fail

Speedo fail

Digital dashes are all the rage these days. They’ve become common place in all cars. This doesn’t make it an excuse though to tape your smartphone to your broken dash and use it as a speedo. It doesn’t quite achieve the same results! This has fail written all over it.

3. Vehicle badge fail

Car badge failWhere to begin with this one. Badges aren’t even an expensive part replacement. Fashioning a new badge for your luxury vehicle using a coat hanger, paper clip or any other poor choice lying around looks terrible and will surely have you made the laughing stock of the town.

4. Tyre fail

Tyre fail

Your tyres are flat or damaged and you have two options. Replace it with a part-worn or new tyre. Last time we checked a hose pipe wasn’t a tyre and shouldn’t be used as one. You’d end up with one very lumpy and bumpy journey if you decided that this was a suitable alternative.

5. Door handle fail

Door handle fail

No. Just no. We have no idea what this person was thinking. It doesn’t even match the door card colour…

6. Steering wheel fail

Steering wheel fail

No steering wheel, no problem. Just attach a set of pliers and you’re good to go. Actually, that’s a terrible suggestion. Not only is it clearly dangerous but you’ll also have handling comparable to a tug boat. Also, how do your vent your anger at other motorists without relentlessly hammering the horn?!

7. Exhaust fail

Exhaust system fail

Red Bull gives you wings. It doesn’t repair your faulty exhaust.

8. Headlight fail

Headlight fail

 If in doubt, fill it out. This clever driver has amassed the power of a household’s worth of flash lights to replace their broken headlight. Somehow we think this attempt won’t quite resolve the problem!

9. Engine fail

Engine repair failOnce you pop, you just can’t stop. Don’t apply this to your engine though. If you’re engine is popping you need to stop. A Pringles tube really isn’t the best solution, at all.

10. Wiper failWiper fail

Wipers are about the least expensive part to replace on the car. Granted they need replacing often but if you’re resorting to snapping your trusty sweeper and attaching it to your rear window you definitely have a problem. What makes it even more comical is that it’s attached to an expensive BMW X5.

We hope you enjoyed reading this top 10. Don’t find yourself on one of these lists in the future. Use our PartWise service for new breakers and PickAPart for all vehicles manufactured in 2004 and earlier.