Is this BMW evidence of a lack of common sense when modding?

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BMW 320CI Engine Bay


Every car you look at seems to be modified in some shape or form. Go-to modifications include lowering your vehicle’s height using air or coilovers, fitting a body kit and opting for a nice set of rims amongst others. Whether you have a small or massive budget to work with the most important thing to consider is exercising some common sense with the upgrades you choose. Achieving the desired look for your car is the aim but is it possible to modify a car too much?


Sometimes common sense goes out the window and a car ends up modified beyond its owner’s means. When you love a car you can sometimes be found guilty of spending a bit more than you need to on it. After all isn’t that what owning a car is all about? We scrimp and save to achieve our motoring ideal. However, if you had money to burn wouldn’t you buy the best car you can with your money and begin to modify that? Case in point is this BMW 320Ci that has had a ridiculous £23,000 worth of modifications installed and fitted throughout. If the owner was able to drop that amount on a 320Ci why didn’t they just buy an M3 and modify that instead?


Here is a run-down of some of the eye-watering costs involved with this 2003 registered 3 series:


• Interior upgrade – £5,525.00

• ITG pro filter – £46.58

• Carbon induction/sprint booster – £400.00

• LGE throttle body – £215.00

• Pro kit springs – £899.00

• Engine/diff & disc upgrade – £6,939.42

• Suspension/exhaust/fly wheel/bushes – £1,766.10

• ESS TS2 supercharger – £4,400.00

• Cylinder head cover carbon – £180.00

• DTM air intake kit carbon – £90.89


BMW 320CI Side View

BMW 320CI Interior

BMW 320CI Front


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