Samsung Dongle Helps Your Old Car Become A Smart Car

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Samsung Connect Auto Dongle


  • Samsung’s Connect Auto helps drivers monitor vehicle performance

  • Dongle connects to vehicle’s on-board diagnostics system

  • It can help vehicle owners save money and improve driving behaviour


Black box technology is increasingly becoming the norm in many vehicles with a number of insurance companies using the devices in our connected era to monitor driver behaviour and improve road safety.
Samsung has unveiled the Connect Auto as the latest in a line of 24/7 watchdogging technology. The device connects into the vehicle’s on-board diagnostics (OBD II), typically found underneath the steering wheel in the majority of modern cars.


The device transmits a 4G internet signal from the vehicle including data to help improve driving behaviour, journey logs and improve fuel efficiency. In addition, the dongle can also alert the driver of required maintenance and repair services to lower the risk of a costly repair job. Finally, it will also allow you to keep tabs on your vehicle with its “Find My Car” app.


Black Box technology isn’t just a requirement for many policies. Instead, it is a popular option for many policy holders as it can reward those that travel limited miles and use their vehicle at off-peak times. It also brings benefits for parents and business owners as a means of ensuring that a vehicle is being driven sensibly and safely.


The device is set to be launched this summer Stateside with the AT&T network. There’s no scheduled release date for the UK or mention of a price at this time. However, with more companies looking to get involved in the action it’s likely to be an affordable bit of kit.