Finally, the SAT-NAV voice we’ve always wanted

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You can now get Morgan Freeman as the voice of your Sat Nav. Yes you read that right. Never be bored in traffic again as your journey is made infinitely more pleasurable by the instantly recognisable tones of the man who once played God.


Freeman’s voice is available through the sat nav app Waze, who managed to get the Oscar winner on-board with their Google-owned system. The mega coup has been put together to promote Freeman’s latest film ‘London Has Fallen’ in which he plays vice-president Allan Trumbell  and it is this character that will guide you from A to B whether it be the daily commute or a quick nip down the shops. It’s a bit odd at first as his character speaks to you as though you’re the president but we can assure you you’ll be loving your new found promotion in no time.


This isn’t the first time the man with the best voice ever has leant his voice to a Sat Nav though. Check out the video below to get a flavour of what it’d be like to ride along with Freeman and watch to the end to hear another epic voice, although this one might lead you to drive like a nervous wreck…


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